Record Master & Song Copyright Sales and Valuation Services

  • Song copyright and record master valuation for sales, estate planning and financing.
  • Song copyright and record master brokerage and due diligence services for buyers and sellers.
  • Song copyright and record master litigation analysis.
  • Brokerage and related diligence services for the sale of the music copyrights, record masters and related royalty income. In the most recent three year period, EFS has participated in the sale of over $350 million in intellectual property rights.

Business Management

  • Tour accounting, budgeting, projections and analysis.
  • Design and implementation of systems of internal control and monitoring budgets.
  • Managing accounts receivable, accounts payable and check writing.
  • Assistance in obtaining business financing.
  • Cash management
  • Negotiating agreements with booking agents, promoters, subcontractors and employees.
  • Risk management coordination with insurance companies.
  • Financial Reporting

Royalty Analysis & Compliance Services

  • Review and negotiation of recording and publishing agreements
  • Review and analysis of royalty statements
  • Desk audits of royalty statements
  • Full-scope field audits of Record Labels and Publishers

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